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Investment Casting and Metal Injection Molding

Having served the OEM market for more than 15 years, ODP is a leading manufacturer of investment cast metal and MIM-manufactured parts. Some of the world's most prestigious OEM companies have selected ODP as their manufacturing partner.

ODP's skilled team of manufacturing specialists is here to serve you. By partnering with ODP, you'll have access to our expert engineering and design assistance, giving you the peace of mind that your job will be done right at a price you can afford. Our lead times, which are among the shortest in the industry, will ensure that your project is turned around as quickly as possible.

When you come to ODP with your manufacturing needs, we will work with you to help determine whether investment casting or MIM manufacturing is the best process to meet your objectives.

The first step to keeping costs in line is finding the best process for making your parts. Whichever process is best for your needs, ODP is committed to offering you the best value for your money.

ODP's management team has extensive experience in both investment casting and MIM manufacturing - experience that will benefit you through higher quality parts that are produced on time. We operate under a single tier management system that allows us to provide our customers with lightning quick response to their needs.

Many of our customers have moved their tooling to ODP from other foundries after experiencing quality or delivery problems. You as well are invited to take advantage of our expertise, without hidden adaptation costs. Our reputation is built upon a foundation of commitment to quality, unparalleled service, and on-time delivery.

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