Superior Design and
Engineering Services

Whether your idea is large or small, simple or complicated, we have the engineering and design capabilities to accomplish all phases of product realization.

By combining more than 20 years of orthodontic design experience with our 3D modeling software (Solid Works), ODP can get your products from conception to market quickly, efficiently, and at a competitive price.

Our expertise in orthodontics originated with the design and manufacture of brackets and tubes. However, we have quickly grown to become a recognized designer of a wide variety of small stainless steel castings to meet the growing needs of our customers.

ODP offers the following design services:

  • Solid Works - 3D Mechanical Design and 3D CAD Software
  • Stereo Lithography Models / SLA
  • Mold Design
While the function of CAD software in the design of new products has been well recognized for many years, its function in the design of molds has been somewhat less renowned. Historically, molds were typically designed by drafting them in 2-D, and then dimensioning their details on blueprints. This information was used exclusively in the manufacture of the tool, and had little or no impact on the actual part being designed.
Today, however, mold design software is experiencing an extraordinary evolution.

With a new generation of 3-D solid modeling software (such as Solid Works), come highly developed tools that not only dramatically decrease the time it takes to design a mold, but also allow for the examination of the part's geometry, analysis simulation, and the forecast of potential tooling issues.

Draft analysis, thickness examination, undercut detection, geometry check, and parting line recognition represent just a few of the parameters that can be obtained with current evolutions of Solid Works software. Moreover, Solid Works can predict advanced tooling problems such as sink marks, knit lines and other cosmetic defects before any steel gets manufactured, saving both time and money.

ODP's mold designers are experts in the art of 3-D modeling using Solid Works modeling software.

They understand that the most time-consuming and costly phase of plastic part production is in the design of the mold. With this in mind, ODP uses its expertise to take the guesswork out of mold design by forecasting potential problems with the part's design, and determining upfront whether a product concept is moldable. This allows revisions and modifications to be made before the project continues.

With a focus on quick yet thorough, extensive yet cost-effective mold design, ODP and Solid Works combine to provide a complete solution to help manufacturers get their product concepts to market faster. We are proactive in concurrent engineering and design assistance, and offer some of the shortest lead-times in the industry.

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