Solid Stainless Steel Preformed Archwires

Ideal for any treatment phase, our popular stainless steel archwires come in round, square and rectangular sizes. Made with long legs to accommodate complex bends and loops, they're especially easy to work with.

ProForce™ wire is the perfect combination of superior strength and flexibility. By acquiring our wire from the finest stainless steel processing houses, ODP can assure our customers a high quality product and consistent performance. In addition, ODP uses state-of-the art forming equipment, which ensures product integrity, consistent performance characteristics and precise archforms. With over 15 years of wire forming experience, ODP understands the intricacies and nature of archwire production and takes great price in craftsmanship.

Special qualities and capabilities:

ProForce™ wires are the highest quality stainless steel archwires available to the orthodontic professional.

  • Offers double spring temper 304V stainless steel with an outstanding 330-376 psi. tensile strength range, providing for maximum spring-back and minimal fracturing.
  • A super high-luster polishing process is employed for reduced friction, enhanced sliding mechanics and increased patient aesthetics and acceptance.
  • Permanent etch for ease of archwire identification. Upper wires have three black dashes; lower wires have one black mid-line dash.
  • Rectangular and square archwire corner radii are precisely fabricated to ensure excellent performance and predictability when applying torque.