ProFlex Thermal Nickel Titanium Preformed Archwires

With ProFlex, ODP offers the most technologically advanced Thermal Nickel Titanium Archwires available in the industry. Manufactured of specifically designed nickel for consistent performance, these beautifully designed wires use the body's natural temperature to activate their intrinsic super elastic properties, providing consistent mid-range force characteristics.

Soft and pliable in the martensitic state at room temperature, ProFlex™ Thermal Nickel Titanium Archwires are extremely easy to ligate, and allow for easy archwire insertion. Once ligated, their shape memory becomes austenitic with the patient's natural body temperature, where they exhibit super-elastic properties that provide a gentle, continuous, tooth-moving force.

The gentle, low forces exhibited by ProFlex™ Thermal Nickel Titanium Archwires not only ensure maximum patient comfort, but also allow for the introduction of larger wire sizes earlier in treatment without compromising patient comfort. Their delivery of low biological forces makes them an ideal wire for patients with severe crowding. And because they are specifically designed to react to thermal changes, patients can ease any discomfort with a cold drink. Then, as the intra-oral temperature slowly begins to increase, the wires gently return to their austenitic, super-elastic state.

Round Wire Force Chart

Rectangular Wire Force Chart