ProFlex S.E.T. Anterior Pre-Torqued Nickel Titanium Archwires

These remarkable and exclusive austenitic nickel titanium archwires are pre-torqued in the anterior segment using advanced computer aided wire forming apparatus and techniques.

Consistent and predictable actual torque values are created by calculating recommended slot size, wire dimensions, corner radii, and the torque built into the archwire.

  • Early introduction of torque in upper centrals and laterals with wires that are less than full size to aid insertion.
  • A simple and predictable method for introducing uprighting torque into the lower anterior segment to avoid 'rollout' problems common with straight wire systems. Wires are less than full size relative to the bracket slot to aid insertion, and nickel titanium provides the low force and high resiliency desirable for an initial archwire.