ProFlex Micro-Coated Excellent Aesthetics, Excellent Sliding Mechanics

Many orthodontic patients have legitimate concerns in regards to their appearance during treatment. These patients often opt for ODP's line of Mirage™, Clarion™ and Diamante™ ceramic brackets, or our Lucent™ and Prism™ composite brackets. A critical element of each of ODP's fully aesthetic treatment systems is our offering of tooth-colored nickel titanium archwires to complement the visual values important to many orthodontic patients.

Subtle and natural in appearance, our coated NiTi archwires are encased in a special elastic coating that visually blends well with our ceramic and composite brackets. These high performance NiTi wires are a perfect complement to cosmetic appliances for predictable and effective treatment without compromising technique or results.

As with all of our nickel titanium archwires, ODP's coated NiTi archwires contain super elastic properties that provide consistent mid-range force characteristics. The wires are easy to engage, and exert a continuous, gentle force over a long period of time. The FDA-listed elastic coating in which the wires are encased will not stain or discolor, and is resistant to cracking and chipping.