Beta Titanium Molybdenum Nickel-Free Archwires

Perfect for nickel-sensitive patients, ODP's Betalloy™ Beta Titanium Molybdenum Archwires combine the workability of stainless steel with the flexibility and reduced force of nickel titanium. Like ODP's nickel titanium archwires and nickel titanium components, Betalloy™ Nickel Free Archwires are carbon free, minimizing fracturing and breakage.

Force Levels Between Nickel Titanium and Stainless Steel.

ODP's Betalloy™ wires feature a smooth, polished surface for reduced friction and excellent sliding mechanics. They also provide gentle force levels for increased patient comfort, and offer moderate wire stiffness levels at 60% less than stainless steel. ODP's Beta Titanium Molybdenum Nickel Free Archwires allow for detailed formability, which is ideal for patient-specific bends.

As a bendable, high force, low deflection, nickel-free titanium archwire, ODP's Betalloy™ Archwires are recommended for intermediate treatment phases.