Patient Supplies

Retainer Cases

The perfect finish for all types of removable appliances.

These colorful cases are a strong one piece design with a durable hinge. Labels for patient identification are included.

10 Pk

Patient Home Care Kits

This compact, transparent case holds all the items your patients need to keep their new braces clean.

Kit includes one each of the following: floss, patient relief wax, regular toothbrush, travel toothbrush, mouth mirror, travel proxabrush, stimulator brush, and floss threaders. Kits available in 4 colors.

Ordered Individually

Magic Touch Brace Relief Gel

This healing antiseptic/anesthetic gel has a non-water soluble base and effectively toughens irritated tissue.

Excellent for treatment of aphthous ulcers.

12 Pk

Stress Relief Pads

By chewing on a stress relief pad, patients can relieve the minor discomfort that sometimes follows an orthodontic adjustment.

25 Pk

Lip Protectors

Soft, clear plastic lip protectors fit easily over brackets, wires, and buccal tubes.

These patient friendly lip protectors help guard against soft tissue discomfort for patients who are active in sports or play musical instruments. One size fits all. Trimmable for accurate fit. Compatible with all bracket types. 2 per pack (1 upper and 1 lower protector).

2 Pk

Ceph Protractor and Template

A convenient all-in-one tooth template and protractor.

Cephalometric Tracing Film

8" x 10" tracing acetate with a .003 matte finish and tissue interleaf.

100 sheets per package.

Ceph Viewing Box

This portable, lightweight viewer is ideal for tracing, cephalometric examination, and patient consultations.

Durable all metal construction with two 8 watt fluorescent lamps for easier viewing.

110V US