Mini Prevail Bracket System

Powerfully Superior.

Powerful Things Come in Small Packages.

ODP's new miniPrevail™ metal bracket system is our innovative answer to the growing demand for a true miniature twin appliance where strength and performance are not compromised by size. Designed and developed utilizing state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies, the miniPrevail™ bracket system incorporates all the benefits of a low profile design with the superior control and ease-of-ligation typical of larger brackets.

Packed with the same powerful features you’ve come to expect from ODP appliances, the miniPrevail™ bracket system takes it to the next level by incorporating a unique debonding feature that simplifies bracket removal. In addition, the micro-grain MIM material from which miniPrevail brackets are constructed is ideal for creating small, robust appliances that are comfortable for the patients to wear, while meeting the strict clinical expectations of the orthodontist.

Small yet sturdy, stylish yet comfortable, the miniPrevail™ bracket system offers complete control throughout treatment, while its low profile design provides greater patient acceptance through comfort and aesthetics. The end result is a highly effective appliance that gives patients the confidence to look good and feel good during treatment, while assuring the clinician that all treatment objectives have been effectively attained.

Standard Features

  • Smooth rounded surfaces for enhanced patient comfort
  • Torque in Base for level slot line-up
  • Generous tie-wing undercuts to assure easier and more secure ligation
  • Easy-to-read, color-coded identification system
  • Anatomical pad design, incorporating an 80-gauge woven mesh with compound contouring for maximum contact and strength, resulting in a consistent bond


  • Vertical scribe line for more accurate bracket placement
  • Low profile reduces occlusal interference
  • Rhomboid shape allows for easy and accurate positioning
  • Chamfered slot entrance promotes easier and more rapid archwire placement
  • Radiuses on the mesial/distal edges of the arch wire slot significantly reduce friction

Debonding Simplified

The 80 Gauge Foil Mesh Bonding Base provides increased bond strength and precise bracket placement.

Designed with ease-of-use in mind throughout the course of treatment, miniPrevail™ brackets feature a set of unique debonding grooves that run parallel to the center scribe line. These grooves allow the bracket to collapse during the debonding process, resulting in quicker and easier bracket removal, without trauma to the patient.

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Micro-Material. Superior Strength.

The superior strength and performance of these beautifully designed brackets is not compromised by their miniature size and aesthetically pleasing look.

The material from which miniPrevail™ brackets are constructed is a specialized micro-grain 17-4 stainless steel powder. This property allows the powder to form at a higher strength ratio during the MIM manufacturing process, creating a bracket that is inherently stronger, more dimensionally accurate than brackets that are constructed of a larger grain material. Experts are calling this material "the mainstream MIM material of the future" due to its inherent strength and its ability to more accurately meet the precise dimensional tolerances that allow our engineers to design ergonomic features required of today's orthodontic brackets.

Results that anyone can see.

Choosing a small bracket has never been easier, since miniPrevail™ offers the full-size treatment with no compromises.

How do you reduce friction?
Eliminate unnecessary surface contact.

Working smarter to do more, with less.

By simply eliminating unnecessary contact surfaces, a full 80% reduction in contact between the wire and the slot has been achieved. The 20% that remains in contact is allowed to work at maximum efficiency while reducing friction and providing opportunities for early torquing1.


1 When utilizing super elastic thermal activated nickel titanium wires.