The classic alternative that doesn't just meet the standards... It sets new ones.

The Magnum™ system establishes a new standard for quality and reliability, offering all the advantages of a mini bracket with the control of a full size bracket.

It combines the clinical features you'd expect from an industry-leading bracket system, coupled with an innovative pad design which maximizes tooth contact to provide consistent bond strength. Use this web site to find a distributor or learn more about our products.

The difference is in the details.

Using high quality 17-4 stainless steel, ODP has been able to reduce the size of the Magnum™ series by 30% while producing a stronger, more durable bracket. The end result is a superior product with enhanced comfort and flexibility.

ODP has refined the brazing process, utilizing a palladium alloy that provides superior bracket-to-pad bond strength.

With a high natural resistance to discoloration, it provides a superior alternative to silver base brazes.

Innovation, from the Bottom Up.

The innovative design of the Magnum™ bracket system starts from the bottom up, with an 80 gauge foil mesh bonding pad that matches the curvature of the tooth for maximum contact and a strong, consitent bond.

The Magnum™ bracket is also designed with torque-in-base to provide level slot line-up and help avoid occlusal interference.

Setting new standards. In gold.

ODP's Magnum™ Gold Bracket System builds upon the classic features of the standard-setting Magnum™ bracket system with a 24 karat gold coating that will not chip, peel, or wear for the duration of the treatment.

The bracket's full integrity is uncompromised, and the brackets are safe for use on nickel-sensitive patients. Costly rebonds are avoided, while maximizing patient satisfaction. These gold brackets are a proven practice builder for orthodontists.

Extending your control. Vertically.

Vertical Slot Brackets

Extending the functionality and versatility of the entire Magnum™ bracket system, ODP's Vertical Slot Brackets allow for the insertion and removal of various auxiliaries, and aid in the alignment of problem teeth.

Special options for Bicuspid brackets.

In addition to our standard configuration, all of the Magnum™ Bicuspid brackets are available in the following configurations designed to meet your clinical needs.

Extended Bonding Pad

On the bicuspid bracket for improved bond strength.

Gingivally Offset Bicuspid Brackets

For dealing with partially erupted premolars.