Comfort Zone Low Friction

Orthodontists asked for a practical, low-friction design. We were listening.

Low Friction and Gentle Forces.

Friction, the nemesis of tooth movement, can substantially minimize the efficiency of bracket systems.

The angled walls and floor of Comfort Zone's slot significantly reduces the binding and friction, associated with typical brackets and wires. Due to the gentle forces inherently generated, all treatment phases are accelerated.

Comfort Zone's inter-wing distance has been maximized by 80%, allowing for early torque capabilities utilizing the thermal activated nickel titanium wires.

Inspired design meets perfect execution.

The Comfort Zone™ system offers the most unique low friction design available, while delivering an unbeatable combination of superior function and superb bonding. Use this web site to find a distributor or to learn about our products.

How it works: Simple Ingenuity.

The Challenge. Do more, with less.

The Comfort Zone™ Low Friction bracket system is deliberately and specifically engineered to do more with less.

By simply eliminating unecessary contact surfaces, a full 80% reduction in contact between the wire and the slot has been achieved. The 20% that remains in contact is allowed to work at maximum efficiency while reducing friction and providing opportunities for early torquing1.

1 When utilizing super elastic thermal activated nickel titanium wires.

Designing a better foundation. One product. Two great options.

Comprehensive Bonding Pads

Anchor-Lock Pad

New technologies work in harmony when the advanced Low-Friction design is combined with the state-of-the-art pylon base, providing enhanced bond strength for today's appliances.

  • Technologically advanced design
  • Retention equal to or greater than mesh bonding pads
  • Pylons function like miniature anchors, embedded firmly into the adhesive
  • EDM finish on all 5 pylon surfaces to maximize bracket retention
  • Pylons are designed at an acute angle relative to the torque, generating geometric undercuts when bonded

Accu-Lock Mesh

The superior Low-Friction design, fused with a proven 80 gauge woven mesh, gives the clinician the confidence and quality demanded of today's appliances.

By inserting the mesh into the base, the clinician takes full advantage of the prescription engineered into the bracket. In conventional bracket systems, the pad and bracket are tack welded together. This method allows for placement inconsistencies that neutralized the values designed into the bracket, requiring more adjustments to achieve desired results.

Comfort Zone-HB's Low-Friction and traditional mesh assures confidence and reliability. The low profile design gives unparalleled patient comfort and acceptance.

Results-Driven Succcess

Experience uncompromising results while your patients enjoy the comfort of the most technologically advanced and aesthetically savvy system in orthodontics!

The Comfort Zone's design features a "low-friction-slot" for superior sliding mechanics, and hooks that are inclined towards the tooth axis to improve elastic engagement and periodontal health.

The dual tangency of the ball hook and contoured labial surfaces provide enhanced patient comfort. Comfort Zone's low-friction design is available in Roth, MBT and Standard Edgewise prescriptions to meet your treatment needs.