ODP's Extraoral Appliances

Reverse Pull Facemask

Our reverse pull facemask is unbelieveably comfortable, featuring leather padding in the forehead and chin rests.
  • Cushioned forehead and chin pads provide maximum patient comfort.
  • Indicated for treatment of maxillary insufficiencies.
  • Adjustable screws facilitate quick vertical and horizontal fit.
  • Stainless steel / plastic construction.
  • Includes hexagon key for adjusting. One size fits all.


Durable, High Quality Stainless Steel Fabrication! Five inner bow lengths to fit all your treatment needs.

Our high quality stainless steel .045 inner and .072 outer bows are laser welded together for maximum durability and comfort. The five inner bow lengths have anterior color coding for easy size identification, along with non-angulated vertical adjustment loops.

Cervical Neckpads with Straps

An assorted pack of colorful neck pads featured in five colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Black. All neck straps are fabricated from durable, washable nylon, and are designed to accommodate safety release modules.

10 Pk

High Pull Head Caps

Made from a sturdy polyester/cotton blend. Fully washable design features two hook-up tabs.

Extremely versatile, can be used with any style module. Comes in an assortment of colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Pink.

10 Pk

Nylon Headgear Cases

Made from sturdy nylon. Fully washable design features full zipper closures.

Comes in assorted colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Pink.

10 Pk

Safety Release Modules

Our safety release modules are manufactured with a durable blue plastic outer shell and spring hardened stainless steel release loop.

They are designed to complement our cervical neck pads.

10 Pk

Molded Lip Bumpers

Our formed .045 spring tempered stainless steel lip bumpers come in a variety of fun colors.

Smooth molded plastic ensures patient comfort. Lip bumpers are available with or without ligation hooks.

  • .045 wire construction.
  • Smooth molded plastic coating provides maximum patient comfort.
  • Molded shape eliminates discomfort from frenum impingement.
  • Ordered Individually