Supreme Elastomerics

Orthodontic treatment doesn't have to be bland and boring. Let your patients express themselves with our brilliant rainbow of colorful chains, and ligature ties.

ODP's Supreme™ latex-free elastic chain and ligatures are designed with similar materials and properties. This assures resistance to breakage and tearing, high flexibility and memory, color fastness, and the highest product quality and consistency available to the orthodontic professional. They are available in 31 non-fading colors. Material is safety approved by the FDA

Supreme Chain Elastomerics

ODP's Supreme™ latex-free chains are available in three styles of spacing, which provide more efficient and effective intraoral use.

Features Include:

  • Unique heat-curing process enables chain to last longer than others.
  • Elasticity remains active up to six weeks, assuring faster tooth movement.
  • Three sizes of filament allow usage with twin or single brackets, and upper and lower arches.
  • Chain colors match ligature tie colors.
  • Latex-free medical grade polymer.
  • Material is safety approved by the FDA.

Supreme Ligature Ties

ODP's Supreme™ latex free ligature ties are designed to maximize office efficiency while promoting patient compliance.

Features Include:

  • Latex-free medical grade polymer.
  • Patient-specific sticks with 22 ties accommodate complete archwire engagement.
  • Conversion to half-sticks is easy with a center score line that reduces waste & avoids cross contamination.
  • Double-ended thumb tabs have an etched finish. Gloved hands keep a secure grasp.
  • Optimum .120" diameter, plus long-term elasticity facilitate both archwire retention and tooth movement.

Available in 31 colors, including the one you're looking for.

With 31 available colors, ODP's Supreme™ Elastomerics are sure to have options that will please even the pickiest patients.