Rotation Wedges

Rotational or anti-rotational force is provided by placing the preformed tab over the tie wings of any twin bracket.

The elastic wedge then acts as a fulcrum between the archwire and bracket. A channel is also present in the wedge to prevent archwire slippage during treatment.


Radio-Opaque Dark Blue Separating Stars

Highly visible, smooth injection molded plastic separators can be used in both the anterior and posterior segments.

960 Pk

Radio-Opaque Blue Separating Elastics

Placed between the posterior teeth, these elastics exert a light and continuous force for opening contacts. X-ray visibility provides for additional safety and confidence.

1000 Pk

Archwire and Bumper Sleeve

Use when spanning an extraction site or bypassing areas where teeth are not fully exposed. Protects wires against breakage and slides easily over archwire without snagging.

All sizes are inside diameter. For lip bumpers or headgear use .045".

Elastic Thread and Tubing

Hollow Tubing. Knots stay tied because tubing crushes at the knot and remains firmly in place. Tubing is put through a special heat-curing process that extends elasticity for unsurpassed quality.

Solid Thread. Made from strong high-quality elastomeric resins. Won't unravel, absorb moisture, or deteriorate. Fresh materials assure long shelf life.