Say Goodbye to Wax Typodonts!

ODP has developed a systematic approach to successfully teach biomechanics to any orthodontic postgraduate program or clinic.

For decades, wax typodonts have been used to teach biomechanics to graduate students and staff members. At best, the use of wax typodonts is a very inefficient process. Wax typodonts are time consuming and awkward, requiring hot water to soften the wax. In addition, some degree of expertise is needed to stimulate the appropriate response.

ODP Offers a Superior Alternative...

We've generated a series of soft, flexible typodonts that allow students and instructors to observe the dynamics of even the smallest movements of teeth.

During each stage of treatment, the student gains practical hands-on knowledge of the principals that will be performed on their patients. As the student places the wire, elastics, or other appliances as indicated by the instructor, the teeth immediately begin to move, showing both the desired and undesired movements of force.

The sequence of photographs below illustrates the biomechanical stages utilizing the Comfort Zone™ Low Flexibase™ system with the MBT prescription. Each stage represents approximately 6 months of treatment.

Each Flexibase™ malocclusion kit contains a series of four typodonts and one set of interchangeable conical teeth. The individual typodont stages do not come with conical teeth. Additional sets of teeth may be ordered separately depending on the desired amount.

The four typodonts included in the kit each represent four biomechanical stages of orthodontic treatment, including Stage 1 - Retroligature; Stage 2 - Level and Align; Stage 3 - Space Closure, and Stage 4 - Finishing. The teeth begin to move once the brackets and wires are placed, allowing students to immediately observe the effects of the treatment.

Flexibase Conical Teeth

Designed to work seamlessly with all Flexibase™ malocclusion typodonts, these interchangeable conical teeth can be ordered plain or customized with any of ODP's bracket systems.

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