Vapor Ceramic Brackets.

Clearly Superior.

In the past, finding the right ceramic bracket has been a hit-or-miss endeavor, sacrificing certain features in exchange for others in an ongoing series of compromises and trade-offs. Those days are gone.

The Vapor™ Ceramic Bracket System includes all of the features you need in an attractive, highly innovative and surprisingly affordable ceramic bracket.

With the Vapor™ Ceramic Bracket System’s perfect synthesis of technology, comfort and value, you can stop compromising on the features you want in a ceramic bracket – they’re all here. Vapor™. Clearly superior.

You May Only See the Results....

The Vapor™ Ceramic Bracket System is at its best when it is the least noticeable:

Fine-grained composite ceramics blending effortlessly with the surrounding teeth; exceptionally smooth brackets with a subtly rounded profile interacting gently with the soft tissue of the mouth; all to provide the best treatment characteristics while satisfying the patient’s desire for maximum comfort and minimum visibility.

How Do You Revolutionize the Bonding Process?

Get Under the Surface.

Moving teeth requires an effective bond, and here again, the Vapor™ Ceramic Bracket System is a clear innovator.

Our revolutionary "Portal" Base Technology allows you to build stronger bonds between the bracket and tooth using current, readily available bonding agents.

This advanced base simplifies the bonding and debonding processes for faster application, easy removal, and less chair time.

The Vapor™ Ceramic Bracket’s "Portal" Base is a revolutionary new step in bonding design.

Adhesive flows through portals in the bracket which, when polymerized, creates an enhanced mechanical bond.

This evolution in adhesion at the bracket/adhesive interface has been tested and thoroughly documented. Here is what one recognized authority on orthodontic bonding, Paul Gange, has to say:

“I have examined and tested the unique flow through portal base design and enhanced mechanical bonds created with the Vapor™ ceramic bracket. I am confident the Vapor™ bracket will provide superior bond strength for routine successful treatment.”

Paul GangeOrthodontic Bonding ConsultantPresident and CEO,Reliance Bonding Products

How do you reduce friction?
Eliminate unnecessary surface contact.

Working smarter to do more, with less.

By simply eliminating unnecessary contact surfaces, a full 80% reduction in contact between the wire and the slot has been achieved. The 20% that remains in contact is allowed to work at maximum efficiency while reducing friction and providing opportunities for early torquing1.


1 When utilizing super elastic thermal activated nickel titanium wires.