The Preferred Aesthetic Choice.

Your patients will be thrilled with the transparent aesthetic appearance of Prism™ composite brackets.

Not only are Prism™ composite brackets nearly invisible, but also the special composite formulation from which the device is manufactured produces a bracket that displays a high tensile strength. The result is a strong polyurethane bracket with superior sliding mechanics that are equal to or greater than stainless steel brackets. Use this web site to find a distributor or to learn about our products.

Innovation, from the Bottom Up.

ODP's Prism™ brackets feature a distinctively designed dovetailed base for increased surface contact, allowing for excellent adhesion.

The brackets are designed with a porous coating that provides millions of additional under cuts that firmly grip the adhesive. As a result, additional primer agents are not required to bond Prism™ brackets to the tooth's enamel.

Prism™ brackets feature superior retention and easy debonding characteristics.

Proven Clinical Performance.

Available in Roth, MBT, and Standard Edgewise prescriptions, Prism™ composite brackets offer the pleasing aesthetics and comfort desired by patients, along with the clinical functionally demanded by doctors.

Prism's™ exceptionally high translucency provides superb aesthetics - a marketable advantage that appeals to patients of all ages. With ODP's Prism™ brackets, patients experience a more comfortable, attractive treatment experience, while doctors achieve the results they desire.