Mirage Ceramic Brackets.

The Choice is Clear.

ODP's Mirage™ ceramic bracket system is the "clear choice" for aesthetically-minded patients.

Small and smooth, with rounded corners that provide the ultimate in patient comfort, Mirage™ ceramic brackets are nearly invisible, blending inconspicuously into the oral cavity to give patients the confidence they need and the results they desire.

Composed of 99.9 percent pure polycrystalline alumina oxide, Mirage™ ceramic brackets are impervious to stains and discolorations, helping them stay transparent for the duration of the treatment to reveal nothing but a beautiful smile.

Your patients will be thrilled with the fully transparent aesthetic appearance of Mirage™ ceramic brackets. It doesn't get any clearer than this!

Mechanical Base Bonding for Aesthetics You Can Depend On.

Complementing the sheer strength of the Mirage™ ceramic brackets is a distinctively designed, state-of-the-art mushroom mechanical lock base design that provides excellent adhesion by expanding the surface area between the bracket and the tooth.

Designed with a porous coating that provides millions of additional undercuts that firmly grip the adhesive, Mirage™ brackets feature superior retention and easy debonding characteristics.

Additional primer agents are not required to bond Mirage™ brackets to the tooth's enamel. In fact, successful bonding and debonding can be achieved using currently available bonding techniques.

Proven Clinical Performance.

Despite their delicate appearance, the design and materials that compose Mirage™ ceramic brackets provide unsurpassed strength that is equal to or greater than monocrystal Sapphire brackets.

In fact, one of the features that doctors love about the Mirage™ bracket system is that its double fracture toughness (as compared to Sapphire material) increases reliability and decreases chair time.

Unlike Sapphire brackets, the 99.9 percent pure polycrystalline alumina oxide from which Mirage™ brackets are constructed is glare free and completely disguisable on the tooth. It also offers 45 percent less friction as compared to typical saw-cut style Sapphire brackets for faster teeth movement and shorter treatment time.