The Preferred Aesthetic Choice.

Your patients will be thrilled with the transparent aesthetic appearance of Diamante™ ceramic brackets.

Not only are Diamante™ ceramic brackets nearly invisible, but also the 99.9 percent pure polycrystalline alumina from which they are composed is impervious to stains and discolorations, helping them stay transparent for the duration of the treatment. In addition to their coveted aesthetic qualities, Diamante™ ceramic brackets are small and smooth, with rounded corners that provide a comfort level surpassed by none. Use this web site to find a distributor or to learn about our products.

Innovation, from the Bottom Up.

ODP's Diamante™ brackets feature a distinctively designed dovetailed base for increased surface contact, allowing for excellent adhesion.

The brackets are designed with a porous coating that provides millions of additional under cuts that firmly grip the adhesive. As a result, additional primer agents are not required to bond Diamante™ brackets to the tooth's enamel.

Diamante™ brackets feature superior retention and easy debonding characteristics.

Proven Clinical Performance.

Doctors love the fact that the design and materials that compose Diamante™ ceramic brackets provide unsurpassed strength, making breakage a thing of the past.

The Diamante™ ceramic bracket system also features a unique state-of-the-art dovetail base design for maximum bonding surface between the bracket and the adhesive. The dovetail base provides excellent adhesion by expanding the surface area of the bracket to the tooth. Successful bonding and debonding can be achieved using currently available bonding techniques.

Available in Roth, Roth V-Slot (.025 x .025), MBT, and Standard Edgewise prescriptions, Diamante™ ceramic brackets offer the pleasing aesthetics and comfort desired by patients, along with the clinical functionally demanded by doctors.