BondPro Etchant Gel Kits

BondPro™ 37% phosphoric acid gel is a medium viscosity etchant gel used for etching enamel and denin prior to bonding procedures.

BondPro™ Etchant Gel is thixotropic, stays where placed and will not run. Does not dry out and has a long shelf life when properly stored. Washes off clean and is available in several syringe types.

BondPro Bond Enhancers

Applied prior to bonding for stronger bonds.

10cc Bottle.

Plastic Bonding Trays

Plastic bonding trays are capable of holding one full bracket setup. Adhesive backing holds brackets securely in place. Available with mixing wells.


Mini Curing Pen

Don't be in the dark when the power goes out! Our mini curing pen has a 100,000 hour solid state LED bulb with a lifetime warranty. Cures most composites in 20 to 40 seconds. Radiometer reading will not exceed 30. Cold sterilizable or autoclavable after batteries have been removed.

Lip Retractors

Our transparent plastic lip retractors are ideal for use in taking photographs, or for difficult posterior bonding cases.


Cheek Retractors

These flexible, comfortable retractors provide broad visibility and access for bonding. Autoclavable.


Double Ended Photo Cheek Retractors

Durable plastic design is offered in 2 packs of autoclavable, heat sterilizable, or disposable. Enables maximum view of posterior while easily holding lips and cheeks. 2Pk

Intraoral Cheek Retractors

The best retractors for bonding, offering unrestricted access to the entire mouth. Available in heat sterilizable, autoclavable, and 10/Pk disposable.