A worldwide leader in quality and innovation.

ODP is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high quality, competitively priced orthodontic products.

ODP was founded in 1992 by industry visionary Mr. Richard Bryant for the purpose of designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality, affordable orthodontic appliances throughout the world. After a long and influential career in the orthodontic industry, Mr. Bryant retired in 2004 , entrusting the reins to his talented and experienced management team led by industry experts Patrick Roman and Osvaldo Del Castillo. Mr. Roman and Mr. Del Castillo are committed to furthering ODP's philosophy of developing products that are of real benefit to both the science of orthodontics, and to the orthodontic community as a whole.

Patrick Roman has been an innovator and designer of orthodontic appliances for more than 30 years, and now blends his engineering talents with his leadership skills as President of ODP. Osvaldo Del Castillo has served the orthodontic industry for more than 20 years in the manufacturing, product development and marketing arenas. As ODP's vice president, Mr. Del Castillo's creative marketing skills and manufacturing expertise have played key roles in the rapid development of the company's brand recognition and global success.

Under the leadership of Mr. Roman and Mr. Del Castillo, ODP is experiencing unprecedented growth in the global orthodontic market.

This growth can be attributed to several key factors, including the design and development of many new, innovative product lines to meet the demands of the company's expanding global distribution network, which currently encompasses 62 countries with continued growth expected in both the short and long term. The ODP brand name is recognized and trusted around the world, and we work diligently to maintain the trust of our valued customers. This trust serves as the foundation of ODP's domestic and global success.

In order to realize the global vision of the company, ODP places high importance on both domestic and international market distribution.

As such, ODP has established a strategic European depot led by commerce and trade professional Mr. Victor Camps. Mr. Camps' main focus is to ensure that ODP's international customers receive their products in a timely manner, while domestic channels are serviced directly through ODP's corporate headquarters in Vista, California. ODP's design and manufacturing programs are carried out under a quality management system that is fully compliant with the many global and domestic regulatory requirements that govern medical device manufacturers. In addition, ODP is an authorized supplier to the United States Federal Government, and is an active member of the World Trade Center, San Diego.

More than just another manufacturing company, ODP is highly-regarded and globally recognized in the field of orthodontic design and development.

We take great pride in engineering new products that enhance the techniques used by today's highly trained orthodontists. Our experienced design and development staff is able to quickly and effectively transform new design concepts into state-of-the-art products, and orthodontists around the world regularly depend on ODP's design and development expertise to bring their product ideas to fruition.

By utilizing a powerful blend of the latest design software, precise engineering techniques, and the latest manufacturing technologies, ODP is positioned apart from the competition as a true innovator in the design and manufacture of orthodontic products. By maximizing the advantages of our combined technologies to develop quality appliances that further the science of orthodontics, ODP is able to offer an all-inclusive product line that effectively addresses every facet of orthodontic treatment.

Since its inception, ODP has emerged as an industry leader respected by orthodontists and trusted by our customers to provide a consistently high level of service. ODP's experienced and capable staff takes pride in the fact that they play an integral role in the advancement of orthodontics through the latest design and manufacturing technologies. ODP is poised to build upon its legacy of trust for years to come, and eagerly looks forward to the further development of innovative products that will take the company to new heights as it continues to impact the global orthodontic market.

ODP, Inc.

Quality is our mission.

Our mission is to provide high quality orthodontic appliances throughout the world, on time, competitively priced, and with unparalleled customer support.

In doing so, we will continue to forge new relationships within our growing customer base and distribution network, while spreading our reputation as a trusted source for quality orthodontic design, production, and manufacturing services.

Patrick Roman
Vice President of Research, Development and Engineering

Osvaldo Del Castillo
Director of West Coast Manufacturing Operations and Latin America Sales & Marketing